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The Band


Nickname: Mumma Fish

Instrument: Lead Vocals


Favourite Food:

Best Concert:

Favourite Holiday Destination:



Nickname: BB

Instrument: Axe

Starsign: Virgo

Favourite Food: Tex Mex chilli pizza

Favourite Drink: Beer.... What Else??

Best Concert: ZZ Top

Favourite Holiday Destination: The bar....

John acquired his first Electric Guitar at the age of nine. Being mostly self taught, John went on to study music throughout his high school years and was influenced from a young age by Blues/Rock/Texas Blues and R’n’B artists such as Hendrix, Clapton, SRV, AC/DC and ZZ Top. John then grew to artists such as Satriani, Vai & Malmsteen.

During the early 90’s John had some intense Guitar tuition under well known mentor 'Harvey Mann'. John has also performed with various artists such as ‘Dave Tice’, ‘Rose Tattoo’ and ‘The Radiators’ and has played with many cover bands over the years such as ‘Rough Diamond’, ‘Led Zeppmen’ (Tribute Show), ‘Gravy Train’, ‘The Roadrunners’ (Blues), 'Supernova’, 'Breakout' and 'Spitfire'. John is now a very important member of ‘Jellyfish’.



Nickname: BB


Starsign: Pisces

Favourite Food: Anything with chilli

Favourite Drink: Red Wine

Best Concert: BB King, Melbourne 1997

Favourite Holiday Destination: Thailand

Anthony started with music at the usual age of around 14 with a few good guitar lessons from his Step Father. After discovering AC/DC around this same time, things would never be the same again (especially for the neighbours!).

The first 20 years were spent playing lead and rhythm guitar in several bands in Melbourne and the Central Coast such as Gruntweasel (Melbourne), Gravytrain and Crunch Time. A late switch to bass in 2011 has seen Anthony work with Central Coast bands The Roadrunners, Breakout, The Dan Granero Band, Spitfire & Let There Be Bon to name a few.

Heavily influenced by the love of blues, classic rock, Motown and not shy of the funk, Anthony ties down the low end in the engine room alongside his partner in crime Tobi. The 'Fish' rhythm section is a force not to be reckoned with!



Nickname: Uncle

Instrument: Drums and Backing Vox

Starsign: Cancer

Favourite Food:Tofu

Favourite Drink: Anything with alcohol....

Best Concert: Queen, 1985

Favourite Holiday Destination: Arosa, Switzerland

A founding member of Jellyfish, Tobias came from a naturally talented musical family and progressed to the drums at young age. Largely self taught and with a motivation only equalled by rock’s finest, Tobi found himself a regular on the pub circuit at the ripe old age of 16. Not happy just being a supersonic drummer, Tobi has learnt the craft of vocal harmonies and is the main harmony voice in any band he rocks out with.

Tobi spent most of the 90’s and naughties recording and touring our fine land with original bands The Camels, Nuisance, Ask Eddy and Mudlark. A strategic move to Sydney saw Tobi playing with popular party bands Pyjama Party and The Party Pigs.

Now settled on the Central Coast, Tobi forms half of the engine room of the ‘Fish’ with his rhythm brother BB. Laying down the beats and providing the distinct vocal harmonies that define Jellyfish, Tobi is the heart, soul and pulse that people move to.

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